Java for Intermediate

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Course Description

This 10-week online bootcamp will help you master both front end and backend Java technology. It will start by brushing up your basic concepts and then it provides top notch knowledge on higher concepts. It is a full-fledged online boot camp that holds expertise in technologies like Full Stack Java Development.

Key Features

  1. Complete Online Program
  2. Classroom Access.
  3. Industry Interviews Preparation
  4. Friday Special Classes
  5. Assignment Help
  6. Live Project for the practice session
  7. Extra Attention to Beginners

Scope Of Java Developer

If you learn Java you can get a job very easily and earn good money as it is always high in demand! Because of few reasons Java is the best language and it is adopted by most of the companies around the world

So why java is recommended and why it is the best?

  1. Easy to learn
  2. They have lots of API (Application Programming Interface)
  3. The powerful Object Oriented Programming concepts
  4. Java is platform independent
  5. Java is very secured language
  6. You can Compile once and run forever
  7. Java is free

  • Basics of Spring

     What is Spring

     Spring Modules

     Spring Application


    IOC container


    Dependency Injection

     Constructor Injection

     CI Dependent Object

     CI with collection

     CI with Map

     CI Inheriting Bean

     Setter Injection

     SI Dependent Object

     SI with Collection

     SI with Map

     CI vs SI


     Factory Method


    Spring AOP

     AOP Terminology

     AOP Implementations




    Spring JDBC

     JdbcTemplate Example







    Spring 3 MVC

  • Basics of Hibernate

     Hibernate Introduction

     Hibernate Architecture

     Understanding First Hibernate application


    Hibernate Application

     Hibernate with annotation

     Hibernate Web application

     Hibernate Generator classes

     Hibernate Dialects


    Inheritance Mapping

     Table Per Hierarchy

     Table Per Hierarchy using Annotation

     Table Per Concrete

     Table Per Concreteusing Annotation

     Table Per Subclass

     Table Per Subclass using Annotation


    Collection Mapping

     Mapping List

     One-to-many by List using XML

     Many to Many by List using XML

     One To Many by List using Annotation

     Mapping Bag

     One-to-many by Bag

     Mapping Set

     One-to-many by Set

     Mapping Map

     Many-to-many by Map


     Lazy Collection


    Association Mapping

     One-to-one using Primary Key

     One-to-one using Foreign Key





  • Introduction to spring boot

     Types of software architectures

     SOA and Monolith Architecture

     Why Microservices

     Detailed MicroService Architecture
    – App Layer
         – Business Layer

     Enteprise Layer
    – Infra Layer

     Need of Spring Boot

     Difference between Spring & Spring Boot

      Advantages with Micro Services


    Building Spring Boot Application

     Normal Spring Manual Approach

     Maven Overview

     Spring Initializer


     Eclipse with STS Plugin

     Understanding the Spring Boot auto configuration


    Auto Configuration


     @Conditional Flow

     Customize conditional annotations

     Spring Boot built in conditional annotations


    Integration with Spring Web

     Using Spring Web MVC

     Using Spring Restful

     Need of embedded servers & customization


    Micro Services

     Micro Services Introduction

     Principle and Characteristics

     Use cases and Benefits


     Design standards

     Micro Services Communication



  • Online Bootcamp
  • 24*7 Access Of Student Forum
  • 1-1 Mentoring
  • Mock Interview Preparation
  • Friday Special Classes
  • Resume Preparation
  • Client Database Access
  • Money Back Guarantee

Dimple Gulati

I am having overall 21 years of experience in training and development.As part of Learning & Development team, delivered training sessions on Java, Spring Core, Spring MVC, Spring REST, Hibernate and Spring Data JPA to the campus hires as well as experienced employees in ClassBoxes Technologies. Managed application maintenance and development projects in Tomcat, WebLogic Application Server platforms with various J2EE technologies.

Naresh K

20 years of IT industry experience in design and development of applications in Java, JEE platform. Worked as lead developer in many projects and have hands on experience in application development. Currently working as full stack Java Trainer and providing training on Java full stack technologies to the campus recruits and project teams.

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